Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thank You So Much Chelsea Handler!

On Wednesday, April 9 Chelsea Handler announced on her show Chelsea Lately that she won $5,000 betting on the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament.  She stated she did not want to hold onto the money and to email her if you wanted it.  (I met Chelsea last month in New York City, and when I told her about a school and orphanage in Kenya that I help support - her latest book, Uganda Be Kidding Me, is about her trip to Africa - she introduced me to her assistant to provide more details.)  I sent an email to her assistant on Wednesday night asking if Chelsea would like to fund ten scholarships at Wema Children's Centre next year.  The following day, I received this response, "I forwarded your email to Chelsea and she said she would like to send the $5,000 to help these kids!!!"

We are all so incredibly grateful to Chelsea for her generosity.  Wema Children's Centre is a non-profit organization founded in 2008.  Located in an area with among the highest poverty and HIV/AIDS rates in Kenya, native Kenyans Teresa Wati and Stephen Juma formed Wema to give poor and orphaned children a home and a high quality education.  Two hundred and thirty-four Wema children are enrolled in Highway Academy, a top primary and secondary private school for 456 students Wati and Juma founded in 1999, free of charge.  Last year, 30 percent of the graduating class received full government scholarships to university and the rest are enrolled in graduate/trade school or employed.  Chelsea's selflessness will change the lives of ten Wema students, helping to uplift their community.

Her donation is being handled by The School Fund,, which provides scholarships to hundreds of children throughout the world.  Below are the profiles and pictures of the ten students - Bramwel, Centrine, Dennis, Florence, Jacob, Jescah, Jesse, Leah, Millcent, and Samuel - Chelsea will sponsor.  These students dream of one day becoming teachers, accountants, doctors, and lawyers.  In the coming weeks, we will post the students' written responses to Chelsea's donation.  From all of us involved with Wema, thank you so much Chelsea!

Chelsea's Kids: